Acupressure is an alternative treatment system propounded by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is similar to the acupuncture system and is based on the concept of life energy (Qi) which flows through the Meridians in the body. It is a massage therapy technique that uses the finger pressure, to mobilize the life forces through the blocked Meridians in the body, at specific points on the body called acupoints.

A blockage to the proper flow of the life energy in the body causes various aches and pains and ailments of the body to arise. Acupressure and acupuncture are methods that aim at removing this blockage and to restore the proper flow of energy through the body. The points where treatment is to be applied are called Pressure Points. The pressure points may or may not correspond to the exact point in the body where the ailment exists.

Acupressure: HOW DOES IT WORK?

Acupressure works by targeting various pressure points on the body with steady force (acupressure)or needles (acupuncture). Some practitioners also use magnets and seeds to enhance the pressure and to provide steady pressure on the pressure points for a longer duration of time. Scared of getting needled, seeds and magnets are a good alternative.

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Hands, arms, feet, and legs are the areas where the whole human body can be mapped. Hence, they provide the treatment by applying pressure to the corresponding points on these places.

Special probe instruments, magnets, or seeds are used to apply pressure. Thumb, fingers, palms, elbows may also be used effectively to apply pressure. Even color therapy and aromatherapy are effective as alternative treatment options. The system finds its effectiveness in the fact that it rebalances the Yin, Yang, and Qi (Chi) of the body by stimulating the Meridians.

Acupressure: Useful in Treating

Acupressure is an effective alternative means of treatment for people who do not want to consume too many allopathic medicines and would like to help the body heal itself. There are hardly any side effects of this method of treatment if done correctly. The patient may feel a little soreness or bruise at the site of needling for some time, but this passes soon. However, one should only consult a certified practitioner. This method is quite useful in treating a varied myriad of ailments like low back pain,  tension headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, etc. This method is especially useful in the following :

  • Relieving stress tension and anxiety.
  • Headaches.
  • Lower back pain.
  • Tension headaches.
  • Stomach aches and digestive issues.
  • Relaxing muscles and joints.
  • PMS
  • Improving sleep.
  • Alleviating pains.
  • Sciatic pain.
  • Boosting immunity.
  • Common cold and throat infections.


Three widely recognized methods of putting pressure on pressure points are:

  • The first way is to keep the point pressed with gentle pressure for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Another way is to press and release the point continuously for 2 to 3 minutes giving gentle pressure.
  • The third way is to move your thumb or finger in a circular motion on the point to provide relief.

Acupressure: Instruments

Acupressure practitioner’s use various instruments for applying pressure by rubbing, rolling or applying pressure on the reflex zones. Some of the instruments used by them are the probe, the accuball, energy roller, foot roller, power mat, acupressure seeds, magnets etc.

The Acuball

A small rubber ball with protuberances which is heatable it is especially useful for providing relief from muscle and joint pain.

Energy roller

It is a cylinder with protuberances. It is held between the hands and rolled back and forth to apply pressure.

Foot roller

It is a small cylinder with protuberances. It is placed on the floor and using soles of the feet it is rolled back and forth. This helps to apply pressure to the various points which are located at the soles of the feet.

Power Mat

It is a mat with small raised pyramids.  When you walk on it barefoot it stimulates the various pressure points located at the sole of the feet. 

Spine roller

It is a Roller containing magnets. The pressure is provided by rolling the roller up and down the spine. Acupressure Seeds

Various magnetic seeds, or even simple seeds like the green gram, kidney beans, etc. can be applied to the pressure points. This gives continuous and steady pressure on the acupoints of trigger points.

Sujok Magnets

Various magnets like Biol magnets, star magnets, chakra magnets, cluster magnets, etc. are available. The magnets are effective to provide healing. It can alleviate the various pains or problems of the human body.


Anyone can learn and use Acupressure methods. It involves the in-depth knowledge of how the meridians work and then just stimulating the corresponding points. It can be used by anyone who is experiencing any kind of ailment in the body and wants relief from it without going in for too many medications (which might be expensive both financially as well as for your health).

Though critics might say that this is just a placebo effect that one experiences, but there are enough instances which prove that the alternative method has been quite effective where other means might not have provided relief.


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    This is quite informative. Thank you so much for sharing this. Accupressure is one of the best alternative medicine.

  2. Very detailed and informative article. Let us all try to stay away from allopathy and try to heal with traditional Indian holistic methods.

  3. Very well articulated. Thank you for sharing this much needed info. I have an amazing experience of both, accupressure as well as accupuncture and can positively recommend them to anyone.

  4. Extremely informative and elaborate article on acupressure covering all important aspects of the technique. The writer has immense knowledge of this medicinal technique and her guidance has helped me and little one, time and again to get rid of several ailments without bringing allopathy into picture.

  5. I have consulted Ms Amritha Nair many times for some ailments. Her treatment has always hit the bull’s eye. She maintains a diary for all her patients and meticulously followsup with all. Her holistic approach towards healing has helped a lot, not just physically but all mentally.
    Her knowledge in this field is profound.

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    Very detailed and informative article on acupressure. The writer has immense knowledge and I have personally gained benefits under her guidance. Thank you for helping!

  7. What can I say about Amritha Nair! She is an absolute angel. Since so long my daughter was suffering from ear infection and nothing seemed to work. We even took her to ENT twice in this lockdown but to no avail.
    Then I came across Mrs Amritha Nair, and she told me to press some points on my daughter’s thigh and even behind the ear

    I religiously did that although I had by now lost all hope, but lo and behold! My daughter’s condition improved miraculously.
    Without even taking any medications.
    I cannot thank her enough.
    Amritha is a God send for me and since then she has healed a few more ailments for me and my family ranging from UTI troubles and nerves problem.
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    She has a remedy for EVERYTHING and believe me, IT WORKS!!!

  8. This article clears so many of my doubts regarding Acupressure. The methods of treatment in Acupressure are extremely effective and I have so myself experienced by incorporating Amrita advice. Thank you for giving such detailed account of this line of treatment. This must be explored by people who have in constantly struggling with an ailment that refuses to budge. Beautifully written thank you so much.

  9. This article is quite informative and very well written.I have been suffering from severe lower back pain from past several years. It aggravates if I have a hectic day. On such day I just dropped a message to Mrs Amritha as I was crying out of pain. She replied promptly and sent me her videos to press the relevant points. She sent healing prayers too. The next day the pain had subsided. She is truly a beautiful soul. She will keep checking on you unless and until she thinks the person is absolutely fine.
    I have asked for sending Reiki healing prayers for my parents as well as they were not keeping well. She does everything selflessly.She really is god sent.
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