Bird watching 2020

Bird watching 2020

Bird watching 2020: Bird watching or birding is a recreational activity of observing birds in their natural habitat. It is done with the naked eye or using enhanced optical and audio devices like binocular, telescope cameras and audio recording devices. Bird watching often involves listening to the birds and identifying them by their sound and by spotting. Mostly birdwatching is pursued as a recreational activity rather than a scientific activity like ornithology.

Some of the popular birds in a birders bucket list are Hornbill, Swallows, Cockatoo, Macau, Puffin, French dove birds, Bald Eagle, Macaw, Parrot, Sunbird, Robin Bird, Pigeon, Finch Bird, Alexandrine, African Lovebirds, Indian Roller Blue Jay, Garden Jazz, Flycatcher,  Cocktail Bird, Dove, Birds of America, Atlantic Puffin, Hummingbird, Paradise bird, Paradise Feral Pigeon, Sparrow, Ostrich, Bulbul, Albatross, Woodpecker, Hooper, Owls, Ibis, Benebau, Barbets, Egrets, Myna, etc. Click here to see a few of them.

Bird watching 2020: Activities

Many birders occupy themselves with observing local species and take specific trips to observe birds in other localities. Most birds are active in the temperate zones and migrate during the winter or fall or spring and they travel north or south in large numbers for nesting locations. Early morning time is the most ideal time for bird watching and bird photography. Most suitable locations for such activity are the local patches of wetlands; coastal regions may be favoured (based on the location and season). Observing birds in the sea are called pelagic where the observers base themselves at coastal watchpoints and watch birds flying over the sea. Weather plays an important role in observing rare birds and depends on the migration of these birds.


Bird watchers may take part in various types of censuses of bird population and study of migratory patterns of specific species. Such bird watchers count all birds in a given area and follow study protocols. Such studies reveal environmental threats and the outcomes are environmental management initiatives. The most scientific side of this hobby is called Ornithology.

Environmental education

The study of birds, their behaviours & unique pattern of travel gives insight into environmental issues and fragility of the ecosystem. Set a Bird stage with a Bird garden set & bird feeder to build their confidence and observe them closely.


Birding is basically a leisure activity. You can participate in competitions to make it more exciting and encourage your team to locate large numbers of species within a specified time of area.

Networking and organization

As one grows into the hobby you can collaborate and network with the other organization within the country, smaller regions, States or provinces which are keen to study rarities. International parrot house

Bird watching 2020: Equipment and Technology

Birding is undertaken from a distance away from the personal zone of the birds; to observe closely commonly used birding equipment includes binoculars, spotter scope with tripod, Smartphone, notepads, field guides, cameras, machans, night vision binocular. Most of the optical manufacturers have specific types of equipment for birding. Equally important is the gear and other clothing fitments as you are exposed to weather conditions for a prolonged period. For recognition of birds’ sound, it is important to carry suitable sound equipment that can assist in locating, watching, identification and sexing of birds. Click links to explore best budget binoculars for birding, digital night vision binocular and accessories.


It has always been part of birding, in the past due to the cost of the camera and super-telephoto lenses; affordability was a major governing factor for birders. But of late affordable zoom cameras have seen the daylight with the advent of the Digital cameras.


Along with the digital cameras came the compact and affordable digital video cameras. They have become popular in the birding community. Many crossover nonlinear digital models are available which can take high-quality stills at acceptable resolutions as well as record and play audio and video. This ability to capture and reproduce visual characteristics of a bird, its patterns of movement and sound has wide application for birding in the field. Remote bird watching and new technologies allow birders to observe birds using robotic cameras from remote wildlife areas.

 Bird watching 2020: Code of Conduct

As a number of bird watchers increase there is a growing concern about the impact of bird watching on the birds and their habitat. It is important the bird watchers follow etiquettes, like promoting the welfare of birds and the environment. Limited news of photography, fishing and playback devices to mitigate stress caused to birds maintaining at equal distance from nesting colony in respect of private properties. A birdcage is a taboo.


Sounds fun isn’t it so set up a garden table, some chairs/ garden bench, and lay back on your favorite lawn chair in the outdoor patio/ gazebo. Give your hobby of painting and photography a new fillip with a good binocular and a camera by diving into the world of beautiful birds and become part of a growing fraternity!


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