12 Best Photography Careers as a Professional in 2020

Careers With Photography 2020

Photographs! Who doesn’t click photographs to preserve the memories forever? Careers With Photography in 2020. ‘ I need a photographer’ is a very common thought; why? as it helps you to capture every special moment; preserve it, and cherish it always. You will find professional photographers are quite expensive and are quite in demand for their skills.

Hobby to Profession: The Transition

You can always start photography as a hobby and move on to make it a profession.

First, start it as a hobby. Find your niche; take it to the next level and develop into a specialist photographer; visual art photographer; wedding photographer, or art photographer etc.

Second, be comfortable with the camera. Find the right camera, and you are set to roll. You are comfortable with your camera and decide to pursue photography as a career option; you can take it to the next level and create photo art. This can be done with the use of specialized skills and various tools available for it. After you graduate from a beginner photographer to a professional photographer; you will find numerous avenues, enumerated below are Careers With Photography for 2020.

Next, ‘hobbyist’ to a ‘professional photographer‘; and here comes the dilemma as to which field to enter. Career information has been researched and shortlisted. This blog will give an insight into various avenues, types of photography, and best photography future careers. Explore the careers list of photography and enjoy each one. Take the first step by selecting your professional camera.

Best Careers With Photography 2020: Portrait Photography

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Portrait photography is one of the most famous types of photography that we think is best for a beginner. Most of the customers seek photographs for every phase of their life. Starting from birth, to growing up years, wedding, maternity, school, seniors or photographs of a general family; the list is endless. Corporates require their employees to update face photography for websites or for publicity. And the list is quite endless.


Best place to start would be with street photography. Professional models require a portfolio; which makes it a great place to start a career within photography. Post-processing into pencil sketch/pencil drawing is an option. Invest in good quality studio gear.

Best Careers With Photography 2020: Wedding Photography

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Every person has important events in their life and to cover the same they hire photographers. This type of photography job involves covering weddings, pre-wedding ceremonies, engagement ceremony, and various similar corporate, musical, personal events. Event photography involves dynamic and fast pace coverage of events. This will definitely fetch good money out of your camera. The photoshoot will involve a mixture of photojournalism and portraiture. Most people or organizations use these event photos for making memories or for publicity on social media purposes. Click to see a list of assorted accessories required,

Product Photography

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Most of the organisations require their products to look glamorous and appealing in advertisements. Such photography is done under controlled studio-based environment with proper background, shadows and lighting.

Food photography is a specialised requirement by hotel advertisement to update their menus and display new items.

Jewellery! another famous product type; which would require models and the photographer to work from a studio.

Art Photography

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Fashion photography can be glamorous, it is always in demand by various magazines to document the latest styles and trends. Various catalogs and magazines require the latest photographs of locations: beaches; tropical terrains; cities. Glamour photography is crucial – all aspects of lighting should be considered. Such shoots generally demand teamwork. These are undertaken by a group of photographers; along with stylists, wardrobe specialists and makeup artists to help create the magic.

Careers With Photography 2020: Travel Photography Careers

travel photography careers

Most people who like to travel like visiting new places; and during such visits, like to capture landscapes and monuments of the place beside their special moments. For the same, they hire photographers who travel along with them akin to a business photo. Photographer on such trips focuses on people & their lifestyle with macro details to include wildlife photography. Locations can vary from the beaches, deserts, islands to glaciers. It involves a lot of challenges and is a suitable career for adventure photography. A few travel essentials have been shortlisted, click to browse.

Careers With Photography 2020: Advertisement Photography

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Adverts are the most popular means to display product through billboards, TV or online. It would involve processing the photographs keeping in mind various platforms for the same product. The subjects can be of various categories. The same photographer can work as a freelancer for ads in google my business, google search advertising ads, google search ads 360, free job alert, tv advertisement, advertising campaign, digital painting etc. Read a book on the subject.

Careers With Photography 2020: Photojournalism

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It involves coverage of various political rallies, natural disasters or community celebrations. Photojournalist brings us the big breaking news. All media sources; like newspapers, magazines, television, and online media; require still photographs. It helps to sell the story. It is important as it is documenting the events as they unfold; bringing people together, and achieving the target of creating a global village. The photographer also has to take adequate precautions for the entire crew. read some recommended books.

Careers With Photography 2020: Baby Photography

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People are fond of hiring a professional baby photographer as they want to capture their baby’s special moments & baby portraits. The photographer may have to travel to various locations. Such photography involves a mix of a studio session, outdoors and on-location shoots for newborn family photos. Photographers can connect with local maternity centers and hospitals to enhance business. See some recommended baby photography props.

Careers With Photography 2020: Sports Photography

photography careers list

Every sportsman likes to use photographs as a tool to improve his performance. He would like to see the mistakes he makes, and improve upon them. He would also definitely want to preserve the special moments during a sporting event. For such events, photographers with long zoom lenses can capture the winning shots. Such photos can fetch good money for the photographer and wide publicity for the team. See some of the popular lenses being used for sports photography.

Careers With Photography 2020: Aerial Photography

photography careers in india

For advertising, marketing, research, planning, for the news coverage etc aerial photography is gaining popularity. As a result; such photography shoots are undertaken; using aerial platforms like drones or helicopters. Such photographs are in extensive demand nowadays for architectural designing, real estate planning, terrain mapping, etc.

Special Photography

photography careers

Most of the research establishments hire a photographer to document the progress of their research with photographs. These photographs are of great importance for Scientific Journals and Research Papers. Many insurance companies; like those at accident sites etc. require photographers; as part of their inspecting teams. The photographers can freelance for government and private sectors

Stock Photography

careers for photography

Besides the above options, photographers can sell their images and rights through stock sites. These sites take photographs and catalogue compressed images with a watermark. Whenever a buyer demands those photographs, the real image is sold by the freelancer for a price and a nominal fee is given to the site. This can be a good source of passive income. Photographers can sell photographs of sunset, people, kids, pets, wildlife, nature, etc.

Which are the best photography careers as a professional photographer?

Event photography, Portrait photography and photojournalism are in high demand everywhere and have good payoffs

What should be kept in mind for Best Photography Future Careers?

One must establish credibility in the existing competitive environment and then take on bigger projects with a small team of qualified members

What all should be kept in mind for a sound travel photography careers in 2020?

Passion, with an aim to excel backed by a strong team and sound marketing strategy, can and will be the key to success


The possibilities are endless in the world of photography. For Careers With Photography in 2020, one can experiment and based on interest can progress onto the field. The challenges keep the job interesting and fun. Some points you will find handy are:

First, while on a field trip; for quick calculations, you can use handy calculators.

Second, besides good quality photos; word of mouth is also required; to gain popularity, and enhance business growth.

Next marketing online & offline plays an important role.

Explore the online stores to get accessories. Hope you pursue one of the listed Best Photography Careers as a Professional in 2020. Let us know which option suited you the best, Happy Clicking!

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