Fathers day

Father’s Day 2020

How Fathers Day Is Celebrated Worldwide

Father’s Day 2020 The worldwide celebration of Father’s Day is made to honor all the fathers who have done everything for their children. This informal holiday complements Mother’s Day and is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Also, it is a special day of the year where paternal bonds, fatherhood, and their influence in the society are recognized. This special occasion is a way to show gratitude to all fathers for all their support and love and all that they do for their children wholeheartedly and selflessly.

Fathers day

Australia:Father’s Day 2020

Different countries have different ways of celebrating Father’s Day. In Australia, the special day is celebrated on the first day of September instead of the usual third Sunday of June. The celebration of the special day in the country happens in the same manner as being practiced by many countries around the world. Usually, children surprise their father with gifts including neckties, chocolates, and flowers. Though Father’s Day is commonly celebrated in private households, many clubs and societies take efforts to set up special programs to entertain and motivate visitors. An Australian family customarily holds a breakfast meeting to feature the occasion. Also, various types of activities and games are organized to strengthen and solidify the bond between the father and his child. Meanwhile, the beautiful country of New Zealand marks the occasion with enthusiasm and charm during the first Sunday of September. New Zealanders make the most of the special day by pampering their father with something like chocolates, flowers, and homemade cards. Also, children in the country celebrate the occasion by pampering their father with joyful activities.


In Ireland, Father’s Day happens on the third Sunday of June, the same as the date of celebration in several countries. The Irish people express their gratitude to their father by giving them gifts, giving them a complete rest day, and taking their fathers out for lunch or dinner. Many Irish clubs and organizations organize a program for Father’s Day to emphasize their roles in the development of their child.

South Africa

People in South Africa do not fail to honor their fathers on this occasion, which is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, by presenting their fathers with loveable gifts such as gourmet gifts, cards, and neckties. Africans mark the occasion by enjoying the day with their family and going out for a fishing, picnic, or eating in a restaurant. Also, cultural and social societies in the country host the celebration to point out the role of fathers in building a strong community and instilling within their children the good values and norms.

U.S.A: Father’s Day 2020

Fathers day

In the U.S., the occasion is celebrated with a lot of gaiety and enthusiasm on the third Sunday of June. Americans reflect on this day the significant contribution of fathers in shaping the character of their children, as well as to the whole development of the nation. Americans also pay appreciation to their foster fathers, uncles, and stepfathers on this day. The Father’s Day festival is popular in the country, which led to unrestricted commercialization of the occasion. The commercialization has a positive side such as raising awareness about the need to motivate children to appreciate their father on this day.

India:Father’s Day 2020

There’s an interesting variation of the celebration in India. The concept of celebrating Father’s Day is something new in India. The idea was imported in western countries such as the U.S.A. It is remarkable to know that despite being new, the observance of Father’s Day in India has been acknowledged by many Indians to a large extent. Some cultural societies and schools in the country organize a cultural program for the occasion in order to inspire the children to pay respect to their fathers, who take care of them. On the other hand, the celebration of Father’s Day in Great Britain is done almost the same as it is celebrated in the U.S. on the third Sunday of June. The British make the special day memorable by showing affection to their fathers such as giving handmade gifts. In addition, Canada celebrates the occasion on the third Sunday of June by having lots of fanfare. Canadians also use roses to show their gratitude to their fathers. The red rose symbolizes that a person’s love for his or her father is alive. Likewise, wearing a white rose represents that one’s father is no longer living.


Make him feel Special!

Whichever the country, whatever be the date the idea remains the same. To celebrate the man called FATHER and all that he stands for. We may not acknowledge all the efforts taken by him throughout the year. This is a special day set aside to pamper him and make him feel special.


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