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Full Forms Used in Daily Life

Commonly used Full Forms Used in Daily Life. Kindly click ctrl + F on this page and enter the abbreviation in the search bar for its full form

  1. PDF – Portable Document Format
  2. URL – Uniform Resource Locator
  3. SD Card – Secure Digital Card
  4. CC TV – Closed Circuit Television
  5. UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India
  6. ISI – Indian Standard Institute
  7. PAN – Permanent Account Number
  8. VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Seize
  9. PIN – Personal Identification Number
  10. HDFC-Housing Development Finance Corporation
  11. ICICI-Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation of India
  12. ONGC-Oil & Natural Gas Corporation
  13. HSBC-Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation
  14. IBP-Indian British Petroleum
  15. IFFCO-Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative
  16. UNICEF-United Nations Children’s Fund (it was formerly United Nations
  17. International Children’s Emergency)
  18. CRY-Child Relief & You
  19. IDBI-Industrial Development Bank of India
  20. BARC-Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
  21. MBBS-Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery
  22. PhD-Doctor of Philosophy
  23. SAP-System analysis and program
  24. DLF-Darbari Lal Foundation Limited
  25. GPRS-General Packet Radio Service
  26. GSM-Global System for Mobile Communications
  27. CDMA-Code Division Multiple Access
  28. IVRS-Interactive Voice Response System
  29. BMW-Bavarian Motor Works
  30. ATM-Automated Teller Machine
  31. AIDS-Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
  32. AM-Ante Meridian
  33. PM-Post Meridian
  34. ASCII-American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  35. ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning
  36. BPO-Business Process Output
  37. BPL-British Physical Laboratories
  38. LASER-Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  39. RADAR-Radio Detection and Ranging
  40. CTC-Cost To Company
  41. CT Scan-Computerized Tomography Scan
  43. NASA-National Aeronautics and Space Agency
  44. SIM-Subscriber’s Identification Module
  45. STD-Subscriber Trunk Dialling
  46. ISD-International Subscriber Dialling
  47. PCO-Public Call Office
  48. DHL-Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn
  49. EPABX-Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange
  50. SAARC-South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation
  51. URL-Uniform Resource Locator
  52. HTTP-Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  53. HTTPS-Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
  54. USB-Universal Serial Bus
  55. CBSE-Central Board of Secondary Education
  56. CBD Belapur-Central Business District Belapur
  57. USP-Unique Selling Proposal
  58. FMCG-Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  59. FAX-Far Away Xerox, FAX is the shortened form for ‘facsimile’
  60. FICCI-Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  61. VAT-Value Added Tax
  62. GRE-Graduate Record Examination
  63. GMT-Greenwich Mean Time
  64. PDF-Portable Document Format
  65. PNR-Passenger Name Record
  66. PhD-Doctor of Philosophy
  67. PING-Packet Internet Groper
  68. PVR-Priya Village Roadshow
  69. NEWS-North, East, West, South
  70. NIFTY-National Stock Exchange’s Fifty
  71. NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  72. NASSCOM-National Association of Software and Service Companies
  73. NGO-Non Governmental Organisation
  74. NIIT-National Institute of Information Technology
  75. NRI-Non-Resident Indian
  76. MPEG-Moving Picture Experts Group
  77. GIF-Graphic Interchange Format
  78. JPEG-Joint Photographic Experts Group
  79. RSS-Really Simple Syndication
  80. WI-FI-Wireless Fidelity
  81. WWF-World Wildlife Fund
  82. LLP-Limited Liability Partnership
  83. LED-Light Emitting Diode
  84. LCD-Liquid Crystal Display
  85. CRT-Cathode Ray Tube
  86. ITC-Imperial Tobacco Company
  87. ESPN-Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
  88. RTO-Regional Transport Office
  89. TDS-Tax Deduction Source
  90. TCP-Transmission Control Protocol
  91. IP-Internet Protocol
  92. TOEFL-Test Of English as a Foreign Language
  93. GMAT-Graduate Management Admission Test
  94. GATE-Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
  95. GAIL-Gas Authority of India Limited
  96. SATA-Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
  97. PATA-Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment
  98. CIDCO-City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd.
  99. BBC-British Broadcasting Channel
  100. CNN-Cable News Network
  101. CNBC-Consumer News and Business Channel
  102. AJAX-Asynchronous JavaScript + XML
  103. MIS-Management Information System
  104. MICR-Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  105. IFSC-Indian Financial System Code
  106. ISI-Indian Standards Institute
  107. ISO-International Organization for Standardization
  108. ISDN-Integrated Services Digital Network
  109. ISKCON-International Society for Krishna Consciousness GPS – Global Positioning System
  110. SMS – Short Message Service
  111. AM/PM – Anti Meridiem – Before Noon/Post-Meriden-Afternoon
  112. GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
  113. HTML – HyperText Markup Language
  114. GPU – Graphics Processing Unit
  115. JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group
  116. SQL – Structured Query Language
  117. ISP – Internet Service Provider
  118. LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
  119. CC/BCC – Carbon Copy / Blind Carbon Copy
  120. Babina. British Army Base in Asia. Mhow. Mil HQ of War
  121. Ambala. Army Maintenance Base and logistics area
  122. The Mall. Military Administrators living line.
  123. Mess. Members of equal social status. Yo L camp. Young officers leave camp. As young British officers used to spend their leave instead of going to London.


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