How to Make Candles at Home:2020

How to Make Candles at Home:2020

How to Make Candles at Home:2020 What comes to your mind when you think of festivals, birthdays or a quiet romantic dinner. Candles of course. Can you imagine the birthday cake without a candle or Diwali without candles? This is for all you diehard candle lovers,  who just love the glow of candles burning in the corners of your room. There is so much to choose from pillar candles, tealight candles, container candles or the beautifully decorated candles. When you want to pick up some candles, you find they can burn a hole in your pocket. Homemade candles are the best solution for that, easy on the pocket and the satisfaction of having made it yourself is awesome.

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Homemade candles don’t cost much and smell and burn just as well as expensive ones and as long as you know the right way to go about it, it’s not too difficult. A fairly easy project that won’t take you more than a few minutes, they make for a great addition to the cosy corner of your home, your workspace, a romantic candlelight dinner as well as excellent and inexpensive gifts for your loved ones.

How to Make Candles at Home:2020: Business Opportunity

Candle making can also be started as a small scale business at home, once you get the hang of it. The price of paraffin wax is approx  Rs 400/- and the price will be cheaper if you are procuring it at a wholesale rate. 

 There are a few different types of candles you can make. We are going to focus on container candles rather than freestanding candles. Container candles are the ones that you find housed in containers. These are the simplest to make as they don’t require special candle moulds or any other specialised tools. You can simply use any transparent jar ( in fact you can use any container but I feel the transparent ones are better as you can see the candle)or bowl that you have and you are set to roll.

So let’s get started.

How to Make Candles at Home:2020: SUPPLIES

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In order to make candles, there are some basic supplies that you will need. It is not too difficult to get the candle making supplies. They are easily available at art and craft supply stores as well as online. If you want to just try it before going into it as a full-fledged business then the candle making kits are also available with small quantities of the materials required. The startup cost is relatively low and once you have your supplies in place just let your creativity flow and you will be able to create numerous inexpensive candles and as your expertise grows you can even experiment with the decorated candles.


How to Make Candles at Home:2020

Paraffin Wax

 Wax this is obviously the heart of the candle: there are three primary types to choose from in the candle making process – they are paraffin wax, beeswax and gel wax.

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The most popular ingredient for candles is paraffin wax and it is a traditional wax which has been used in candle making for ages. It is cheap and you can easily add colours and scents. The price per Kg is approx Rs 400/-.


How to Make Candles at Home:2020

As the name implies it is produced by bees and is a byproduct of the honey-making process. It has a natural golden colour and subtly sweet scent, it’s a natural product but it is difficult to add other fragrances to it very effectively. It is more expensive than paraffin wax. The price per Kg is approx Rs 1000/-.

   Gel wax

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Gel wax as the name implies is the wax which is in a gel form. It has a nice transparency to it. It looks great as a container candle however gel wax is a more expensive option. The price per Kg is approx Rs 350/-.

Most of the wax available for candle making will be in either the brick form or the pellet form. It is easier to work with pellet form as it will melt quicker.  For block type, you will have to cut it into small pieces using a sharp knife and then melt it.


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The wick is an important aspect of your candle as the wrong wick can ruin the candle. The primary concern here is the thickness of the wick rather than the length as we will be trimming the excess wick.  They generally come in small medium or large size so depending upon the size of your container you can select the most suitable wick.



It’s actually quite simple to give colour to your candle. All you have to do is add a few shavings of the humble wax crayon to it and you can make any colour candle that you wish.  

TIP: add just a small shaving of it as if you add more the candle will become denser.

Fragrance oils

Aroma candles are the in thing these days. It lends a subtle fragrance to the room, without the fragrance it is just burning wax. There are many scents that you can choose from. You can even use the essential oils and there are specially formulated candle fragrance oils available so you can go in for whichever scent appeals to you.

Double boiler

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Special double boiler containers are available or you can just modify and use two containers which you have at home, one should be larger than the other. Heating the wax directly over the flame in a normal pot might make the wax too hot and cause it to smoke.



The most important aspect of the container candle is the container. You can use any bowl or mugs, anything that can withstand heat can be used as a container for the candle. Candles can be made using special candle moulds. However, that is another technique altogether and we shall touch upon it later on.

Note: I will be making an orange coloured paraffin wax candle, the process for which can be seen below. The process is exactly the same for all the wax types.

How to Make Candles at Home:2020 Make your own Container Candle

Prepare the work area

How to Make Candles at Home:2020

To get started it is important that you have all the essential supplies readily available at hand. Ensure that all your supplies are within easy reach. 

Melt the wax


The first step in candle making is to melt the wax If you are using pellets just put them directly into the smaller container and if you using the block wax like I am using here, cut out a small chunk of it and put it into the smaller container. We will be using a double container to melt the wax. Put some water in the bottom pan and keep it for boiling put the wax in the smaller container and place it in the water and let it melt gradually. We can keep stirring it to ensure uniform heating of the wax. It will take about 5 to 10 minutes for the wax to melt depending upon the quantity. In case you wish to add some colours now is the time, just a small shaving of normal wax crayons will lend colour to the wax.

Wick the container


While the wax is melting let us get the container ready. Take the wick and place it in the centre of the container. You can use some super glue or Fevicol to stick it to the base of the container. Ensure that is centred correctly.

How to Make Candles at Home:2020 Pouring the wax into the container


Once the wax is completely melted and you have the desired colour let it cool slightly for about a minute and then pour it gently into the container. Ensure that no bubbles form when you are pouring the wax into the container. Keep a light hold on the wick so that it will not move to any side, do not pull too hard as it can get released from the bottom. Once the wax is poured into the container let it sit. Do not pour all the wax just yet, save some to pour after some time because as the wax sets you will notice that a sinkhole gets formed in the centre. So after the candle is set a little bit and the sinkhole is created melt the remaining wax and put it into the sinkhole so that you will have an even surface.


Secure the wick


The wick even though it is attached to the bottom may move a little bit to the sides as it is hot wax which is being poured into the container. To ensure that it remains in the centre of the candle we have to secure the wick. If the wick moves to the side it will not burn properly. To secure the wick properly you can just use an old pencil or pen or a small wooden skewer so that the wick will remain centred till the candle sets.

Trim the wick

How to Make Candles at Home:2020

Once the candle is completely set we can remove the excess part of the wick which is sticking out of the container. The wick should not be too long as it will burn too big and hot and the wax will melt too quickly. The flame should be just an inch or so from the top of the candle.

How to Make Candles at Home:2020 Light your candle

How to Make Candles at Home:2020

The last and the most awaited step in the journey of How to Make Candles at Home:2020 is to light the candle that you have made. So light it up and have some cozy moments. These candles can be used as decoration, for lighting during festivals like Christmas and Diwali, for the birthday cake, for romantic dinners, for creating that cozy subtly lit corner in the house or simply as a light source when there is a power outage.

How to make scented candles?

Aroma candles are the in thing these days. It lends a subtle fragrance to the room, without the fragrance it is just burning wax. Mix essential with wax just before pouring it in container

What are the most commonly used Wax types?

Paraffin, Beeswax And  Gel are the most commonly used Wax types

How to Make Candles at Home:2020 Conclusion

 Hope your query of How to Make Candles at Home:2020 has been answered. I hope you will try making this candle at home and will enjoy the candle making process with the simple and easily accessible candle making raw materials. You can also try your luck in making Silk thread jewellery and begin photography. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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