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Lockdown Quarantine Survival Activities

Background OF Lockdown Quarantine Survival Activities

Lockdown Quarantine Survival Activities The World Health Organization (WHO), states a lockdown is an emergency protocol that usually prevents people or information from leaving an area.

To control the global CoronaVirus Disease – 19 (COVID-19) pandemic  India, China, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, UK, Australia, Jordan, Argentina, Israel, Belgium, European Union, Germany, Malaysian, Czech Republic, France, Morocco, Kenya, Spain, Poland, Kuwait, Ireland, Norway, El Salvador, Denmark ordered lockdowns

India, China, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, and the UK have implemented the world’s largest and most restrictive mass quarantines.

The lockdown restricts people from stepping out of their homes. All transport services:– road, air, and rail are suspended. The exceptions are the transportation of essential goods, fire, police, and emergency services. The lockdown resulted in the suspension of the functioning of educational institutions, industrial establishments, and hospitality services. Lockdown exempts some of the services. The services like food shops, banks and ATMs, petrol pumps, other essentials, and their manufacturing are exempted. The Home Ministry said that anyone who fails to follow the restrictions can face up to a year in jail.

Lockdown Quarantine Survival Activities


On 23 January 2020, the Central Government of China imposed a lockdown in Wuhan and other cities in Hubei province in an effort to quarantine the center of an outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The incident: commonly referred to in the media as the “Wuhan lockdown”. The nearby cities of Huanggang and Ezhou, and 15 other cities in Hubei, also had travel restrictions imposed on them within hours of the Wuhan Lockdown. This lockdown affected a total of about 57 million people. Wenzhou, Zhejiang implemented a seven-day lockdown on 2 February 2020. Only one person, per household, was allowed to exit once, each two days. Most of the highway exits were also closed.


On 9 March 2020, the Government of Italy imposed a national quarantine, restricting the movement of the population except for necessity, work, and health circumstances, in response to the growing pandemic of COVID-19 in the country. A smaller-scale lockdown of eleven municipalities had begun in late February. Additional lockdown restrictions mandated the temporary closure of non-essential shops and businesses. This affected 16 million people.


Janata Curfew‘ (people’s curfew) was observed by the Citizens of the country from 7 am to 9 pm on 19 March as the number of confirmed COVID-19 positive cases reached 500.

 On 24 March, the government of India ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure towards the coronavirus pandemic in India. A 14-hour voluntary public curfew preceded the lockdown. The country’s COVID-19 affected regions saw the enforcement of a series of regulations. The only solution to control the spread of coronavirus is breaking the cycle of transmission by social distancing. The lockdown is being enforced stricter than the Janata Curfew. 

covid timeline Lockdown Quarantine Survival Activities
covid timeline

Status As on 04 Nov

 Global cases-48.2M, Deaths-1.22M.

India Cases-527962, Deaths-124315, Recoveries-7711809.

Lockdown Quarantine Survival Activities

Quarantine is a state, period, or place of isolation. Quarantine is for people or animals who have arrived from elsewhere. People who have been exposed to an infectious or contagious disease need to be quarantined. Imposed or self-quarantine are the two ways of quarantining. Self-quarantine is the need of the hour is for anyone who thinks that they might be contaminated and showing any symptoms. The medical authorities will impose quarantine once the infection is confirmed.

The impact of this lockdown/ quarantine has been that people are now at home and are unable to move around. They have not been able to stock up and prepare for so many days of lockdown. And now with the markets and shops, all closed it is difficult to procure things also.

Quarantine and lockdown have now become words of common usage. One is afraid to step out of the safe zone of their homes. People in the private sector have got to work from home option and most of them are busy with their own work schedules.

The period of lockdown and period of punishment are not synonyms. It can be an opportunity for a lot of fun-filled family time. The children are all at home and they have a lot of pent up energy which they cannot expend. Instead of getting irritated with them, this is the best time to involve them in a lot of activities. All the activities that you always wanted to do. Remember!!! They are also equally frustrated as they cannot move outside and play.

Lockdown Quarantine Survival Activities

Keeping preventive measures like wearing a mask, washing hands, etc in mind a lot of activities that can be done by the whole family together.

1.       Craft Activities and Hobbies

New hobbies like Photography, Bird watching can be picked up. Craft activities like drawing, coloring, painting, clay molding, candle making, soap making, decoupage, origami, jewelry making, newspaper craft, Reiki, etc. can be followed. Fret not if you do not have knowledge of all these activities. The internet is full of ideas which can keep young minds occupied for a long period of time. These activities do not have to be completed in one sitting. For instance, painting a canvas, it can be spread out over a few days or planning a Road Trip or a Vacation to Bhutan. It will keep them occupied longer.

2.       Cooking

If your child is interested in cooking; now is a good time to indulge them and share some of your secret recipes with them. Let them explore the wonderful world of cooking and baking. Even if they are not interested in cooking; encourage them to learn the very basics of cooking. Boiling an egg, making a cup of tea, making magi, toasting a slice of bread, etc., will help them fend for themselves.

3.       Housekeeping

A good thing you can do for the children is to involve them in simple household activities. It can be simple chores like making their own bed, folding their clothes and putting them in the cupboard, setting the dining table, filling the bottles with drinking water, watering the plants. Give them small responsibilities like ensuring that everyone washes their hands, switching off the lights and fans, etc. This gives them a sense of responsibility.

4.       Dance

A wonderful time for the whole family to learn a new dance form. It can be anything from Salsa, Tango, Bollywood dance moves to maybe aerobics and Zumba. This has the advantage of being a fun activity and also something which will keep everyone healthy.

5.       Board Games

A great way to keep everyone engaged and get some offscreen time is to involve everyone in board games. Set aside a fixed time every day which will be for everyone to get together and play some games. Simple games like Ludo, Snakes, and Ladders, Carroms, Monopoly, Scrabble, or some card games can be fun.

6.       Storytime/ Reading Time

Another good way to spend time is to inculcate the reading habit in children. Encourage them to read storybooks appropriate for their age. This is one of the best habits you can put into your child. You can even read or tell them the Indian Mythological stories.

7.       Memories

Another good way to connect is to sort out old photographs and make collages out of them. The end result is that you will have a great piece of your creativity and would have also remembered all the good times and fun activities of the past.

8.       Revive old Friendships

That one friend you are always thinking of locating, the one you are thinking of ringing up and chatting with, catching up with the old gang. Well, this is as good a time as any to get in touch with all those old friends you had lost touch with because of your busy schedules.

9. Online Classes

Subscribe to online classes and Learn about Photography, Acupressure, Reiki, Yoga, Computer languages, etc.


So let’s not look at this lockdown and quarantine period as a punishment. Yes, it has inconvenienced us in many ways, but then it has given many of us a much-needed break and provided some quality time with the family. So keep your family protected from COVID-19 & Cyber Crimes, eat healthily, drink enough water, exercise, wash your hands regularly, practice social distancing, stay safe, and take care.


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