Making of Silk Thread Jewellery in 2020 with a Silk thread jewellery set

Making of Silk Thread Jewellery 2020

Making of Silk thread jewellery 2020: Accessories! Accessories! Accessories! Fashion and accessories have always gone hand in hand. The right fashion accessories can add an oomph factor to even the most common of all attires. Be it the Indian saree or the salwar kameez or the formal Western attire, accessories always play an important part in enhancing the dress. Ask any lady and she will be able to tell you the woes of getting the right accessories to match her dress. Fashion jewellery shops are many and female jewellery is a very fast-moving commodity. Many options are available to choose from in the market, be it the gold jewellery sets, diamond, platinum or silver jewellery. The oxidised jewellery, the funky trendy jewellery all these are available to you but there are some occasions where you would like to go in for matching jewellery and it becomes just that little bit difficult to get the exact match. 

This article, Making of Silk Thread Jewellery in 2020 with a Silk thread jewellery set comes to your rescue here. As the name itself implies it is the jewellery which is made using Silk thread. The precious metals jewellery is quite expensive and it is not feasible every time to invest in them. Making of Silk Thread Jewellery can be a very good alternative in such situations. Silk thread jewellery online is available very easily these days, but the satisfaction of having made your own fashion jewellery is awesome. Don’t wait to join the nearest silk thread jewellery making classes or buy a starter kit of silk thread jewellery (SILK THREAD JHUMKAS  and NECKLACE) online and follow this simple silk thread jewellery tutorial today itself!

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Silk Thread Jewellery Making

Making Silk thread jewellery is not a very difficult proposition however it requires a lot of patience and one has to do it very carefully to get a nice neat appearance. There are some easily available materials which you can make use of to make your jewellery. To begin with, you would require Silk thread,  beads( wooden or plastic), bangles any kind of bangle would do, fevicol, then depending upon whether you wish to make jhumkas or necklaces you would have to go in for the raw materials. Also, you would need small beads, glitter, paints etc. To customise your jewellery.  


In today’s tutorial, we shall see how to make Silk thread jhumkas.

Raw materials required

silk thread jewellery making step by step

Materials required are as follows:

The following silk thread jewellery materials would be required for making silk thread jewellery jhumkas; silk thread jewellery making step by step

  1. SILK THREAD as per your choice. 
  2. Fevicol
  3. Plastic jhumka of desirable size
  4. Hooks
  5. Metallic beads and flower caps. 
silk thread jewellery making material

how to make silk thread jewellery
silk thread jewellery price
silk thread jewellery materials name list
 Making of Silk Thread Jewellery 2020

Making of Silk Thread Jewellery 2020 Procedure

  1. silk thread jewellery designs First of all, you have to make a skein of about 10-15 Silk threads.
    Patternz Silk 1
    Then stick one end of it with some fevicol so that all the strands stick together.
    Patternz Silk 3
  2. Stick the end to the jhumka dome
    Patternz Silk 4
    and start covering the whole jhumka with the silk thread as shown below.
    Patternz Silk 5Patternz Silk 6Patternz Silk 7
    Patternz Silk 8
  3. Once the complete dome is covered paste the end and trim the edge neatly.
    Patternz Silk 9
  4. Now repeat the same procedure for the second dome.
    Patternz Silk 2
  5. Once both the jhumkas are covered with the thread, you can add small pearls or metal beads or any other embellishments to match your attire. You can stick them using fevicol.
    Patternz Silk 10
    Patternz Silk 11
    Patternz Silk 12
    Patternz Silk 13
    Patternz Silk 14
    Patternz Silk 15
    Patternz Silk 16
    Do it patiently to get a neat finish. Leave it for drying completely. 
  6.  Once the embellishments have dried completely,  put the floral cap on the jhumka.
    Patternz Silk 17
    Insert the metal wire from inside the jhumka and attach the hook to it.
    Patternz Silk 20
    Patternz Silk 21
    Patternz Silk 22
  7. Your customised earrings are ready.
    Patternz Silk 19
    Patternz Silk 23
    Patternz Silk 24

silk thread jewellery set silk thread jewellery with price

Silk Thread Jewellary silk thread jewellery images
Silk Thread Jewellary silk thread jewellery images

So ladies put on your earrings and step out to garner the compliments and the satisfaction of wearing something you have made yourself is out of this world!

 Making of Silk Thread Jewellery 2020
 Making of Silk Thread Jewellery 2020

Silk Thread Necklace

Materials Required

DSCN5388 1
  1. Silk thread skeins of about 100 strands.
  2. Gold beads
  3. Metallic wire
  4. Fevicol
  5. Golden dori and golden coloured small rounds.
  6. Cutting pliers and scissors 


Well, the earrings alone are not sufficient, as any lady would agree with me. So, now I will show you how to make a very simple neckpiece.

 Making of Silk Thread Jewellery 2020

To begin with a first layout all the beads to see how the necklace would look. Once you are satisfied with how it looks then you can actually start making the piece.

Thread the beads into the metallic wire.

Once all the beads are threaded, secure the ends of the wire to the gold rounds.

DSCN5395 1
 Making of Silk Thread Jewellery 2020

Now insert the silk thread skein in a needle and pass it through the larger beads as shown.

 Making of Silk Thread Jewellery 2020

Secure both the ends to the gold chains with fevicol.

Allow it to dry completely.

Attach the gold Dori to the gold chain.

 Making of Silk Thread Jewellery 2020

Your necklace is ready to compliment your earrings and your attire.

You can also try your luck in making candles and start photography. So step out in style ladies. Hope you enjoyed Making of Silk Thread Jewellery 2020. This winter let the silk thread jewellery, made by you, enhance your lovely Kanjeevarams. Lovely draping divas.


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