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Reiki: The Healing Hands. Haven’t we heard of the miracle healing done by the spiritual leaders like Gautam Buddha,  Jesus Christ, Gurunanak and ancient sages of Hinduism? They could heal by just placing their hands on the affected area and bringing instant relief. What was this magic? This is the magical healing power of reiki. Learn to be a holistic reiki healer & do energy healing.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese name given by the founder Dr. Mikao Usui. ‘Rei’ means ‘Universal’ and ‘Ki’ means ‘Life Force Energy’. It is the ‘cosmic energy’ which sustains us. It is alternative medicine and even if it does not cure the ailment completely can definitely help to quicken the healing process. 

What Is Disease? 

The human body is made of seven chakras.  The chakras vibrate the cosmic energy into our aura. When the chakras are in harmony we feel healthy and a sense of well being, however when the chakras are not in harmony or vibrate at lower levels we feel sick. Negative thoughts,  feelings, and emotions affect ur adversely while positive thoughts fill us with positive feelings and charge us with positive energy. 

The negative feelings cause biochemical reactions and cause blockages in auric health and body which in turn doesn’t allow free flow of Reiki and as a result, over a period of time disease sets in. 

How does it work? 

Reiki Beamsha

Reiki helps in restoring the balance and harmony in the body at an optimum level. It enables the free flow of cosmic energy into the body and thereby bringing about a balance in the chakras and the body aura.  It removes blockages from the root level and influences healing. The length of treatment will depend upon the blockage or disease. Older the blockage the longer it will take to cure.  

Reiki can be helpful in healing chronic diseases like diabetes,  arthritis, spondylitis, BP, memory lapse, concentration problems, etc. It can also help speed up post-operative recovery,  fractures, and injuries. 

Who can learn Reiki? 

Reiki BeAmsha

Reiki is gaining widespread popularity due to its simplicity and it’s effectiveness.  It just requires the use of our two hands. It is inexpensive and no qualification or special skill is required for learning or for treating.  Anyone from as young an age as 7 years to 70 years can learn and effectively use Reiki for themselves or for treating others. 

Alternative therapies are good for doing on self or for treating others.  It is a holistic method of treating the body, mind, and soul.  It finds one with a sense of inner peace, vitality and a sense of week being. 

Learning Reiki. 

People have different reasons for learning Reiki.  Some start believing by setting the results on themselves or on others,  some are driven to learn it in order to alleviate the sufferings of others while some might have heard about its magical effect and wish to carry it forward.  

There are three levels of learning 7 chakras healing. These levels should always be learned from a Reiki Master.

Level I: reiki for beginners, can be learned over a period of two days (about 14-16 hrs). The Reiki Master gives attunement by opening and activating some of the chakras you chandelier higher amounts of Reiki energy.  After this, a person can carry out self-treatment and also treat others by touching the affected area. One is required to go through a 21 continuous days self-cleansing and treatment schedule after this. 

Level II: after learning first degree and completing 21 continuous days of self-cleansing anyone above the age of 16 years can learn second degree Reiki. This level also requires about 12-14 hours over a period of two consecutive days. In this level also the Reiki Master will provide powerful chakra attunement. After receiving this attunement the practitioners get the reiki symbols which enable them to do distance healing.  This gives unlimited scope for healing anything, anywhere and any time.  

Level III: This level is only for those who want to teach Reiki.  At this level along with attunement, another symbol is given which empowers them to attune or initiate first and second degrees.

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Normal Reiki1 Reiki2 Reiki3

It is an effective alternative treatment option & can be given simultaneously along with traditional treatment methods.  It is a really effective way of speeding up the healing process. Cheers you good health!!! 


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